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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Keep the Pace

It's been an interesting week in many respects. Lots of fellow writers and I have been waiting for the biannual festival that is known as Take A Break Clear Out where the magazine sends out its rejected stories. And come they did! I had three rejected, ouch, but I'm not the only one. There is comfort in numbers! If you know other writers have had their short stories rejected you realise that it's not just you - and this makes it just that little bit easier to keep calm and carry on writing.

So my commiserations go out to the other writers who, on this festival, have also had their short stories rejected. I feel your pain and together we shall conquer the beast! Rejection is never pleasant but writers need to realise that it is part of the job and it will happen again. Just think - when that acceptance does come - how sweeter that moment will feel!

But the good news is that there is balance in the world and I've had an article accepted. So all is well with the world!

What happens, though, when you've been trying and trying and trying to get your short stories published but they keep being rejected? Do you give up? I don't think so! I've had many, many stories rejected by Take A Break Fiction Feast - it's almost become a tradition! And every time I've sent a batch of short stories to them over the past three years, they always come back rejected and I go straight back to the drawing board, read their guidelines, read the short stories they have published and I try again.

I think I'd fall off my chair if I ever did get a short story published in there! I'm so used to receiving rejections from them. But I believe that the only way forward is to keep trying. At least I have a fighting chance of getting published if I keep sending my stories out. If I give up, I'll never know if my next story would have made it. But it's no good subbing more stories if you don't take the time to scrutinise the rejected ones and try and learn something about why they might have been rejected so that your next story will be so much better for your honest appraisal of previous rejects.

So keep up the pace, keep writing and sending your stories out and good luck!

Julie xx


Wendy's Writing said...

Hi Julie. I have had several stories accepted by Fiction Feast but, like you, I was a casualtiy in the clear out with three rejections also - so you are definitely not alone!

Simon Whaley said...

I wonder if the other editors dread TAB having a clear out? There are a lot writers rewriting and sending out stories now!

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie - Commiserations on the TAB re -marketing opportunities! I've only had one this week so I expect there are more to follow. The good news is they actually bought a story from me before Christmas. My first! I've been subbing to TAB for three years and zilch until my recent acceptance. And, yes I almost fell off my chair! I hope you have the same experience very soon. Good wishes KH

Olivia Ryan said...

You're not alone, Julie. I have NEVER had a story accepted by TAB, despite having had hundreds of short stories in the other mags over the years. In my case, I do think it's getting to be a waste of time trying ... only because I have more success elsewhere, and spend more time on my novels than short stories anyway! I admire your persistence though and I'm sure you'll get an acceptance soon. x

Julie P said...

Hi, Wendy - it's so annoying isn't it! Still when one falls off one's horse, one must get straight back on!

Good luck for future stories!
Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hah, Simon! They probably have a siren that wails the 4 minute warning!
Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hi KH,

Yes, you never know when that acceptance might come! If I ever get an email or letter from TAB FF I'll have to make sure I'm seated on the floor in case it's a yes! Less distance to fall then!

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Olivia,how are you?! I gave up with People's Friend some time ago and am on the verge of giving up with TAB - I still have one more push in me to send a few more but I am busy with other projects too, like you - so I have to put my writing time to good use at the moment - Maybe when I have more time I'll try them again.

Julie xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie P and all - i'ts strange that TAB can be so difficult for some of us to write for. I must have hit them with practically everything in my arsenal before they purchased a story I'd jut sent in for the heck of it! Some of the recent issues though have had stories that wouldn't be amiss in Woman's Weekly or even People's Friend so it get's harder to judge what Norah may be looking for when she's choosing for the next issue. Never mind let's hope we all fall of our (low) chairs with unexpected acceptances from Norah soon. Good wishes KH

Julie P said...

It reaaly feels as though you're writing blind sometimes, doesn't it?! Hear, hear - let's hope one day soon we will get an acceptance from Norah!

Julie xx

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