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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Hope Springs Eternal

Well, here we are towards the end of February and how has your writing been progressing? Do you remember those promises you made to yourself in the deep depths of winter that this is the year your writing career was going to take off? I do hope that it's all happening for you and congratulations if you've already had something published.

I'd like to say congratulations if you've received your first rejection too - yes, you heard me right - congratulations! You've got a rejection so that must mean that you were brave enough to send your work out there in the first place. That's a major achievement in itself.

So what is it that you are doing differently this year that is leading you to move forward than what you did last year?  What has made the change within you? For it has to come from inside you. No-one else can make your decision to make those changes and write your short story, novel, poem or play. At some point you reached a tipping point and I want to say that that something tipped you over the edge but it doesn't sound right ;0). At some point something changed for you to see the way forward and get that ruddy piece of writing finished and subbed.

Remember that tipping point when you come to your next piece of work and the next, and the next after that - for all your future work. It could be the difference between subbing that work and not.

Happy tipping!

Julie xx


susanjanejones said...

Hi Julie, I've subscribed to Writing magazine. Also got a rejection from Take a Break today:((

Julie P said...

Hi, Susan,

Well done on suscribing to Writing Magazine - it'll help wonderfully. Commiserations on the rejection from TAB - better luck next time.
Julie xx