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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Letting Go!

Whenever I do a job I like to do it properly. I can't stand it if I've not done something up to standard and that's why it sometimes takes time for me to complete projects. I'm a stickler for detail and getting things right but sometimes I think it does me good to just LET IT GO!

I think most writers are guilty of writing and rewriting, rewriting and rewriting and then rewriting some more until we drive ourselves (and everyone else within a mile radius of us)  to distraction!

So, this week, I am giving you permission (as well as myself) to just get it written, edited and LET IT GO! Don't stress yourself about every single minute detail. Relax a little and give it the best you can as your best will always be good enough.

Have fun letting go!            

Julie xx


susanjanejones said...

That sounds a good idea Julie. I'm going to send something out now. Good luck.

Julie P said...

Good luck to you too, Suzanne!

Julie xx

Maria said...

Excellent advice Julie... ;-)

Julie P said...

Thank you, Maria! Julie xx