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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Water, water, everywhere

Writers' block. I always puzzle about this phrase as I've never suffered from this particular affliction. In fact, I have the opposite. I have so many ideas they come gushing over the dam! It might sound like heaven to those writers who struggle to find ideas and I think, in one way, it is a blessing. I'm never short of things to write about. But it can have the opposite effect, similar to writers' block.

Sometimes the ideas flow so quickly that I can't filter out which one to go with first and I end up writing nothing. Another side effect of this is that I have notes and notebooks of ideas that I haven't had chance to do anything with and not enough time to go through them to do anything with! Just as I've finished jotting down the last set of ideas, the next lot come crowding in and take over!

Not that I'm complaining. I'd rather have lots of ideas than none at all and there are strategies I've taken to help quieten my butterfly mind and focus on what I should write first. Obviously a commission is going to take priority - anything that I'm going to get paid for has to come first  - anything that pays the bills certainly focusses the mind! But then there are the more longer term projects that won't bring immediate reimbursement but still need to be worked on otherwise they won't progress.

I tend to work on several projects at once: a couple of short term articles, a couple of short term short stories, and longer term projects - variety is the spice of life! And by working on several projects of short and long term natures I am increasing my chances of getting something published because I always have work out there and I'm never stuck for anything to write!

So next time you're snowed under just be glad you have so much to write about and take it a step at a time, thinking about what you need to write and what you want to write and work on a little of both.

Happy writing,
Julie xx


aw said...

Julie, I really relate to this post and I am so glad I am not the only one who wastes valuable writing time trying to decide which of several ideas I should follow up first. I also find it helpful having more than one project on the go at a time. If I feel one thread grinding to a halt I switch to another and even if I have written utter rubbish on my first attempt at a topic at least I have something to edit and get my teeth into.

Lynne Hackles said...

Hi Julie. There are some questions for you over on my blog - myname and then dot blogspot dot com. They originally came from Jane Wenham Jones. Hope they're of interest.