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Friday, 12 April 2013

Meeting Yourself Coming Back

Life is often busy. So much so that you can almost meet yourself coming back! Sometimes we can spread ourselves a little too thinly with your writing projects and end up not giving 100% to any of them. Although it's nice to have the frills and bells of social media and critiquing sites are you doing them, yourself or your writing any favours by joining them when you could and should be writing?

It can be difficult to find time most weeks to put pen to paper or finger tips to computer keyboard and although it's nice to peruse the multitudes of posts and comments on such sites our writing can suffer. Social media has its place and joys, particularly for networking and marketing your work, but if you don't buckle down to your own writing projects then you'll have nothing to advertise!

So do yourself, as a writer, a favour and shut off the social media while you get on with your writing - Facebook will still be there when you've finished and you can award yourself some Social Media time as a reward for your hard grafting.

Happy writing

Julie xx


Simon Whaley said...

I think you should put a link to this on Facebook :-)

Tamara Epps said...

I have definitely struggled with this in the past - there are just so many wonderful ways to procrastinate these days. I'm glad to say things seem to be taking a turn and I'm finally getting back into the swing of writing.

womagwriter said...

It's a good tip, but in a strange way I often work best when I am continually distracted. I write a bit, then go check email, then write a bit more, then faff on facebook for a few minutes. I seem to need to pull out of the fictive world then go back in again. Like coming up for air, I suppose. I think I'm a dolphin-writer!