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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Merry Christmas!

No, I'm not too late for last year or too early for this year. I'm merely suggesting from a writer's point of view that you should start thinking about the festive season for the sake of your short stories. My ambition this year is to get a Christmas short story published! I've been sending around four out a year to various magazines but have had no success yet. So this year I'm upping my game and sending more Christmas stories out, starting my preparations now.

If you consider that most mags like their themed stories to be in a good three to four months (or more!) before the date, that means that they'll be expecting Christmas/New Year/Winter/Festive stories from July/August time, which is only three to four months away! Plenty of time for the ideas to come, get thinking about structuring the short stories, drafting, editing, leaving to cook, re-editing and subbing. There might even be time to re-sub to another market should the rejections come in!

So, just as the weather is getting warmer and the flowers are beginning to bloom and the trees come into leaf, think woolly scarves and hats and mittens, frostbite and snow (come on, it can't be that difficult seeing as we had such festive weather not so long ago - yes, I know it was Easter!) And get writing those festive stories! I intend to play Michael Buble's excellent Christmas CD at full blast this weekend! I might even make some mince pies too - well if you're going to get into the spirit of it you might as well do it properly!

Happy Christmas writing

Julie xx

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aw said...

I queried an editor in February with an idea for Christmas. Editor got straight back saying, "Write it and submit it now whilst it is fresh in your mind." So I wrote my first Christmas 2013 item in February. At least I didn't need to get out all the decorations and trimmings to create the atmosphere.