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Friday, 30 August 2013

Out And About

Tomorrow I shall be heading out to the University of Warwick with Jan Johnston and Simon Whaley. We ate attending as day delegates for the National Association of Writers' Group Writing Festival. Last year  I went for the three days and thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot about writing short stories from Linda Lewis.

This year I could only afford to go for one day and even that was thrown in doubt a few weeks back due to life getting in the way! But, I've held on by the skin of my teeth and will be going. This time I'm going to two workshops on novel writing and I can't wait.

It does writers good to get out of their writing rooms and their ordinary lives and  do something different once in a while. And there is always something we can learn about the art and craft of writing. What better way to do that than meet up with hundreds of writers from different writing groups and different areas of the country?

I was disappointed to have to pull out of the Caerleon writers' Holiday this year - particularly as it's the last one actually in Caerleon. It moves to Fishguard next year and there were only two places left when I looked last week, so it looks as though I won't make it for next year either. That's the trouble when these things book up so quickly and you can't commit this early on!  But there are other writing conferences and holidays out there so I'm sure, if the wind's in the right direction, I'll make it to something next year!

These sort of things are important for writers, not only for learning new things but also to meet new people and network, as well as being good for boosting your writing energy levels. So, whenever you get the chance, do attend these workshops and conferences because they are worth it. If nothing else the buzz you feel when attending and for weeks after can kick start your creativity and productivity.

I am sure that I will awaken on Sunday morning full of the joys of writing and I intend to let that carry me through and write, write, write, until I come back down to earth with a bump when I return to my day job on Tuesday and writing time will be severely reduced again. Ah well, ever the determined writer - I will just have to make sure that I use up all my available writing time and make them count!

Happy writing
Julie xx

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Martin Hodges said...

Enjoy, Julie. Have a fabulous time!