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Saturday, 10 August 2013


If you are anything like me you'll misplace things on a regular basis. Or maybe you forget things. Things I have misplaced so far this week are my car keys (always a risk with them), a book I'd been reading and my cup of tea that I hadn't long made. Things that I forgot are my hair appointment and what day it was!

But the good thing about losing things and forgetting things is the opportunity for rediscovery and the joy in finding something that you thought was lost forever. One such opportunity for me presented itself today while my daughter was taking her swimming lesson. The pool she uses has recently had a bit of a revamp and the building now has the library within it. Now the library used to be shoved into a building in need of much TLC, tucked away down a side street as though it was an embarrassment to the town and had been banished there as punishment. I was amazed by what I saw today!

It has undergone a transformation - one worthy of the books on its shelves. It is as though it has emerged from its chrysalis into a wonderfully beautiful literary butterfly. It is 100 % better. There are different zones with comfy chairs that actually encourage you to sit a while and read - it is roomy, well designed and my new favourite place to be.

I have discovered books by authors I'd never heard of before and managed to borrow a couple of books on writing. In the old library these were few and far between and usually written decades ago - but some of these in the new library are quite recent and wonderful. (Yes Lynne Hackles, one of yours was in there too!)

So, I can see this little friendship blossoming into a fine romance as I delve deeper into the library and it's treasures. I am even tempted to take my laptop in, settle myself into one of these little corners and get some writing done - It's such an inspiring and lovely place to be. In an economic environment where the Government are hell bent on cutting services and libraries are often the first services to go, it is heartening to see that at least this library not only survives but thrives - keeping book readers happy for many more years to come.

Have you been down to your library recently? You might be in for a surprise (particularly if it closed down three months ago ;0) Libraries are so important to our culture and society that's it very backwards thinking to get rid of them I feel. What do you think?

Happy library stalking!

Julie xx

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