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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Out And About

I had a great time at the Woman's Weekly Live Event up in Manchester last Saturday. There were writing workshops led by Della Galton (novelist and short story queen), Jane Wenham-Jones (Novelist and short story writer), and Gaynor Davies, editor of Woman's Weekly Fiction. I'm always interested to see what other writers and editors look like in the flesh - I don't know why! I just like people. But it was great to meet them and have the chance to ask them questions and chat.

As well as having the opportunity to get the low down on what Gaynor wants in the stories she publishes, we also were invited to write the beginning and end of a funny short story and another short story. These were then read out and Della and Gaynor gave their expert opinions on them and how they might be improved and developed.  This advice was like gold dust!

If you ever get the chance to go to one of these events then do. I cannot tell you how valuable they are. If you want to get your short stories published in Woman's Weekly then you will be at an advantage having been to talk to Gaynor and have the wealth of knowledge and experience from the writers running the workshops. I came away full of enthusiasm and raring to go - unfortunately, life has got in the way a little this week (doesn't it always?!) But I'll be on the short story writing trail this weekend!

I will post the notes I took from the workshops here soon for you to read.

Happy writing

Julie xx

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