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Friday, 18 October 2013

Brick Wall anyone?

So, I've had two short stories rejected this week. So what, I hear you cry - so have plenty of others. This is true. It's kind of comforting in a way to know that one is not alone in this. They still have nine of mine in their slush pile and I have more in the pipeline.

Even though it often feels as though I am banging my head against a brick wall, I always send out more when the rejections come in. Why? Are these the actions of a sane writer? Yes, actually, they are. Although some of publishing success with the women's magazines fiction pages is down to sending the right type of story to the right editor at the right time, and writing to a publishable standard, the rest of it is down to pure numbers. The more you write and send out the more likely you are to be published. It's all down to probability. One story out in the sea of thousands of stories these magazines receive each year is just too small a drop in the vast ocean. But fifty stories swimming about out there, waiting for the net to be cast raises the odds somewhat.

Now, I understand that if you keep churning out the same old stories, in the same old way, without honing your craft, reading and learning how to write better stories and practising your skills, you are doing nothing to raise your chances of publication. But if you learn from your mistakes and strive constantly for improvement which involves listening to any criticism or advice the editors give you and change your writing accordingly to produce stories the editor wants, then you are increasing your chances of success. You don't know how precious those nuggets of advice are.

So keep on banging your head against that brick wall, but vary your banging technique and, one day, a crack will appear that is big enough for your story to be one of those that makes it through to publication.

Happy writing
Julie xx


Lindsay said...

Good advice, Julie. I will try to write and send out more!

Julie P said...

Thanks, Linda - good luck with writing and subbing!
Julie xx