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Friday, 15 November 2013

Forward Motion

I've been having a blitz on short story writing recently, concentrating primarily on one magazine at a time. The idea is to immerse yourself in the story style of one magazine in the hope it will all sink in and your resulting writing will more in the style that that magazine favours. I decided to try it this way (rather than sending stories to different magazines) after Linda Lewis said that this is what she does - it works well for her and so I'm hoping it will work well for me too. It's far too early to tell if it's made any difference yet, but watch this space!

What I've found interesting whilst doing it this way is that whilst I'm reading the stories in just one magazine, or writing stories, I'm coming up with lots of new ideas too - which helps! So I have enough ideas to keep me going for a while. Now all I need is more writing time to write those ideas up!

I hope your writing is going well and whatever method you're using - it's working well for you.

Happy writing

Julie xx


Frances Garrood said...

I don't have a method being too disorganised, but I have on many occasions written stories for ons magazine which ended up being rejected, but bought by another. I applaud your strategy!

Ps please Julie could you disable your comment moderation? I have awful trouble with these things, which obviously think I'm a robot.

Julie P said...

Hi, Frances - I love it when that happens. When another magazine buys a story that has been rejected by a previous mag! Makes all right with the world doesn't it? And it's exactly why rejections don't matter - just send it out somewhere else!

Julie xx