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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Short Story Wheel

Sometimes it can feel as though you are on a hamster's wheel when you're trying to get short stories published. You think of an idea that you can turn into a story, you write it up, edit it, check it, sub it, it either gets published (yay!) or rejected (blows raspberry!) and you edit it again and send it out again ... and on and on and on it goes until you either eventually sell the story or give up sending out.

If, like me, you have several short stories at a time doing the rounds - it can seem relentless! And in between waiting for verdicts on stories, re-editing them and re-subbing them, you have to think up new ideas and write those up, edit and sub them! It can all become a little overwhelming which is why it's a good idea, once in a while, to step off the womag writing wheel and write something else.

I always have more than one project on the boil; a few short stories, a novel, a few non-fiction articles and a non-fiction book (if I've got an idea for one!). I find that this gives me plenty of variety so that if I get stuck, or fed up of a short story I'm having trouble knocking into shape, I leave that for a few days and pick up an article, or whatever else takes my interest. Whilst I'm working on something else, my subconscious does it's magic and sorts my short story out for me so when I go back to it I am unstuck and can finish it! Tis witchcraft I tell thee!

So, if you're feeling stuck or fed up, try swapping projects for a few days and you might find new inspiration and motivation for your project you were stuck on. And your hamster wheel might just slow down a little.

Happy writing

Julie xx

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