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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Think About It

Having read more short stories in the women's magazines than I can remember and analysed them to death. But nothing helps me more to get closer to writing a publishable short story than actually sitting down and writing them. The more practise I get the better. But I've also learnt more recently to take more notice of the structure of my stories and what their purpose is.

I like to think about what kind of a story I am actually writing, what the point of it is and whether the story I thought I was writing is actually the story I have ended up with! Quite often it isn't and I have to either go back a few steps and change it so it does serve its purpose or see what new parameters it has.

I think that by looking at my stories in this way and being honest about if it is a story that the womags might publish I might just break into some of the womags I have yet to be published in.

Take a look at your short stories too and let's hope we can all get our success rates up!

Happy writing


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