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Thursday, 24 December 2015

T'was the night before Christmas ...

Well here we are, Christmas Eve. I love this day more than I enjoy Christmas day itself. There's an air of expectation and excitement; a warm glow engulfs the world and anything seems possible. Now my daughter is getting older, I miss how she used to find the magic in Christmas. She still does, to a certain extent, but nothing beats the face, the beaming smile of a 2-8 year old on Christmas morning. Their enthusiasm and unshakable belief in Santa is infectious! Of course he's real and if you don't believe you only get socks for Christmas.

I also like Christmas Eve because I like nothing better than to write Christmas themed stories for next year. I haven't written such a story for a couple of years but I am most definitely in the mood now. I could try to write them in the first half of next year but I need the ambience and tinsel to help me along if I am to infuse my stories with some Christmas magic.

So, over the 12 days of Christmas, I am challenging myself and YOU to write one Christmas/Winter/New Year story a day. You don't have to plan them - I won't be -  and they don't have to be perfect. We're talking NaNo like here; quantity over quality! They'll be time to polish and shine later. Then, when we've written them and edited them, and the time comes to submit them next year we can let each other know how we get on. Wouldn't it be great for us all to have a Christmas story published next year? It's been a long time ambition for me and I haven't achieved it yet.

While you're sipping your mulled wine, decking the halls or arguing with your family (possibly all three at the same time if you live in my house!), don't forget to squirrel yourself away somewhere to write your stories.

I can't wait to read them in the magazines next year

Best wishes and happy Christmas

Julie x

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